Aviation services

The handling of sensitive and time critical freight requires a particular way of handling and comprehensive know how. We offer a large range of professional, personnel and technical support in the field of airline, forwarding and ground handling which are covered in extensive works or service agreements.

Airline and forwarding handling

Air freight must be handled within a short period of time in an appropriate way and on schedule, as a plane does not wait. To deliver the freight just on time is both a challenge and day-to-day standard for our services. What exactly has to be considered right before a delivery is “ready for carriage” and what happens when it hits ground again? Our experienced location management and qualified crew guarantee a fast, high-quality and correct handling of the air freight – at any time.

The following services are Wisskirchen’s core competencies:

  • Fast loading and unloading of the trucks
  • Error-free consolidation and de-consolidation
  • High level of precision when mounting or de-mounting of air freight pallets
  • Correct warehousing and relocation of consignments
  • Experienced handling of hazardous goods
In the field of air freight documentation we ensure the smooth handling of incoming and outgoing air waybills. Our services comprise:

  • Acceptance of airfreight documents and their electronic processing in the IT systems
  • DRG Checks
  • Drafting and comparing freight lists and the onloads/shipping order
  • Compiling of the documents ready for flight as well as closure of flights and reports on consignments flying out.
  • Correct customs documentation and customs clearance
  • Contact to the airlines, forwarders and further customers
  • Shipment invoicing and complaint management
  • Document shipment
  • Online customer account on My Wisskirchen Portal

Ground handling

Besides our range of services in the field of airline and forwarding handling we also ensure best possible conditions on the maneuvering area.

Our services in the field of ground handling comprises the provision of qualified staff for the following areas:

  • Fast loading and unloading of the planes
  • Thorough and high-quality baggage handling
  • Drivers with the required driving licenses for operating special equipment in the field of ground services