Company Philosophy

What We Believe In

Wisskirchen is characterized by a dynamic company history, a strong corporate culture and an ambitious concept for the future.

The crucial point for the sustainable success of Wisskirchen is a uniform understanding of the company’s visions, goals and values. They show us the direction in which we have to steer and make it possible to realize the full potential of our corporate resources.



Our vision is our target image. It gives us the necessary orientation and impels us to do our best – every day.

“Thanks to an outstanding service mentality and quality, innovative strength and sustainability we establish ourselves as an indispensable partner of the aviation and logistics industry.”


The following company visions are the basis of our day-to-day work aimed at meeting the needs of our customers, employees and shareholders.

  1. We achieve highest customer satisfaction by means of innovations, competence and reliability
  2. We grow constantly and profitably and develop ourselves to be the leading service provider for freight handling in Europe
  3. We make all our decisions in consideration of sustainability
  4. We react flexibly and dynamically to market conditions
  5. We distinguish ourselves by a highly qualified, committed team and fall back upon the variety of our skills.


We act in accordance with uniform principles. They tell what is right and what we oblige ourselves to.

Customer philosophy

Customers take center stage. We respond to their desires and needs by ensuring highest customer benefit and top quality when rendering our services as well as by offering innovative, technical achievements and integrated services. To provide for the best products and an outstanding customer support we develop our services in a constant dialogue with our customers. By means of a high degree of flexibility and devotedness we ensure a successful fulfillment of the customer’s order and our customers’ constant success.

Employees‘ philosophy

We offer latitude for employees who enjoy acting in an entrepreneurial manner, who assume responsibility for their actions, who committedly pursue their goals and also recognize the potential of the “common mission” in doing so. We support and challenge them, work together with mutual respect and further develop our skills. We expect a high level of performance and a pronounced customer orientation. By creativity and bunched know how we enable innovations, develop successful strategies and award a distinctive identity to Wisskirchen. We live a culture of open doors and short official channels. With this approach we establish a “Winning Culture” – and thus make Wisskirchen to one of the leading German brands.

Social commitment

As fast-growing and particularly dynamic companies we increasingly regard it as part of our responsibility to contribute our share to a sustainable development of our society. As part of our commitment we thus strategically support institutions and associations which fit our business philosophy. We have re-prioritized our funding priority and focus on the areas sports and aid to children and refugees.


We pursue all elements of sustainability permanently and entrepreneurially. With our services and technical developments we constantly fulfill highest quality requirements and set new standards. We provide for the security of our employees and support their health and individual development. We think and act ecoconsciously and take a stand for the quality of life of the people in our surrounding. The successful balance between customers, employees, pursuit of profit, social commitment and environment gives us a competitive edge, helps us to fully use our capacity and makes us an attractive employer.

Economic success
As performance-oriented companies we strive to increase our value and guarantee our financial independence. We thus bet on a long-term, sound growth. The economic success influences our decisions on investments, employees and new company objectives and makes us a solid and reliable business partner for our customers.