The Wisskirchen Cargo Center

The Wisskirchen Cargo Center at the Cologne Bonn aiport offers modern logistics and warehousing facilities as well as short transit times thanks to fast, high-quality freight handling and a direct access to the maneuvering area. Furthermore you profit from the excellent airport infrastructure and an optimal location positioning with direct connection (A59) to the North-South and the East-West motorway network for short trucking distances to all important freight destinations in Germany and the neighboring Benelux states.
For your individual needs and requirements we offer you tailor-made and integrated services. Our experienced team is available around the clock, as your satisfaction is of top priority for us.

Cargo handling

The fast and high-quality freight handling is one of Wisskirchen’s core competencies. Our services in the field of cargo handling are:

  • Cargo receipt, handing over and „Ready for Carrriage“ (RFC)-Check
  • ULD-/Pallet-Build-up
  • DGR-Check
  • BUP-Handling / Through Units
  • Manifestation
  • Customs clearance
  • SITA-Messaging
  • Charge Collect
  • Palett-Break-down
  • Irregularities Handling

Logistic services

In connection with incoming and outgoing stocks we offer various additional services to our customers, depending on their requirements and needs. Our range in the field of logistic services is:

  • Cross-Docking
  • Acceptance of incoming goods and control
  • Recording of reports and damages
  • Acknowledgement
  • Short-term warehousing
  • Measuring, counting, weighting
  • Neutralization
  • Consolidation
  • Labelling
  • Document transfer
  • DGR pre-check
  • Pallet-Build-up
  • Materials management

Warehousing and storage

The Wisskirchen Cargo Center offers the most modern logistics- and warehousing facilities, including cold and frozen storage as well as special warehouses or all kinds of hazardous goods. Our services in the field of warehousing are:

  • 4 cold/frozen storages (food/non-food)
  • HUM warehouses
  • 6 special warehouses for categories 2 to 6 + 8 + 9
  • Explosives warehouse
  • Radioactive room
  • Strong room
  • Customs warehousing (upon request)

Security services

Use our know how and our comprehensive facilities for the safe handling of your freight. Our services in the field of aviation security are:

  • Status as reglementation representative (RegRep)
  • Screening of cargo items up to 2.5 tons / a maximum size of 180 x 180 cm
  • Operation by specially trained security personnel in accordance with the provisions by the German FAA
  • Security storage

Information to our Terms and Conditions Freight and our fees and charges can be found here:
Terms & Conditions cargo

Cargohandling Pricelist 2018
Cargohandling Pricelist Version 01.17


You have questions with regard to our services or have queries beyond the range of our regular services? We put a particular emphasis on individual service and are happy to present you a concept which is tailor-made for your needs.

Find the correct contact person for your concerns.

Wisskirchen Handling Services GmbH
Cologne Bonn Cargo Center
Kriegerstraße 14
51147 Cologne
Phone:+49 (0)2203 / 29755-0
Fax:+49 (0)2203 / 29755-20

Operations manager
Alexander Kimele
Phone:+49 (0)2203 / 29755-236
Fax:+49 (0)2203 / 29755-20
Email: Alexander.kimele@wilog.de

Operational contacts [24/7]

Cargo Document Handling
Tel.: +49(0)2203 / 29755-27 / -28
Fax: +49(0)2203 / 29755-29
Email: cargo@wilog.de

Supervisor Cargo Handling / Warehouse
Tel.: +49(0)152 / 34019214
Fax: +49(0)2203 / 29755-29
Email: cgn.schichtleitung@wilog.de